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After 4-day Rule, Riders Alliance to BCC: Again, say NO to Privatization!

Good morning commissioners, chairwoman,

My name is Kevin Amézaga. I’m representing the Miami Riders Alliance.

I am back again this week after sitting in this chamber for five hours February 4th to have our item 4-day ruled at lunchtime.

I am back again to urge you to not extend the county’s contract with Limousines of South Florida, and vote “No” on item 8N1.

LSF routinely and systematically discriminates against elderly residents and those with disabilities in #ourcounty. The contractor is unaccountable for things that we have seen: refusing to stop for disabled patrons, forcing elderly residents to stand in the minibuses that are not designed for standing, and all that after leaving the patrons in the hot Miami sun for an hour or hours on end.

This contractor which does these misdeeds runs 26% of our transit system. The contract also does not save the county much money for these inconveniences; it saves us 12 Million dollars. Let’s put that into perspective: that’s 5% of the Metrobus budget, 2% of the DTPW budget, and 0.1% of the County’s budget this year.

Would any of you go ten miles out of your way for a 0.1% savings on gasoline or your groceries? Well then why would you compromise elderly and disabled residents’ mobility for no real benefit?

Again, we humbly ask you to, in light of these facts, reconsider allowing this unaccountable contractor to further operate transit routes in our county.

Thank you,

Kevin Amézaga
Executive Director

The Miami Riders Alliance is a grassroots 501(c)(4) membership organization of riders, future riders, and community leaders advocating to improve public transportation and create safer streets for residents across Miami-Dade County, FL.


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