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Subject: Miami Riders Alliance to BCC: Say NO to Privatization!

Good morning/afternoon commissioners, chairwoman,

My name is Kevin Amézaga and I’m representing the Miami Riders Alliance. Hello to my commissioner of District 8, Commissioner Levine Cava.

I am here today to urge you all to consider the most vulnerable members of our population, who under the contracted transit routes operated by Limousines of South Florida, have been treated with a disrespect that, to our organization, is quite unbearable to watch. We have seen the elderly waiting for 1 and ½ hours in the Miami heat and sun without shade due to the unaccountable schedules LSF runs on.

We have seen the same elderly then packed into vans too small for the ridership their routes demand (these vans are not designed for standing–they even say no standing–but video we have received show the elderly standing in these vans). We have seen the disabled cast aside by this same company that operates various municipal trolleys. We have seen… enough.

We do not believe it is right to treat those we represent with such utter disdain for their situation. As a matter of fact, a founder of our organization, Alejandra, was not surprised when she learned LSF is also known as Transportation America, which has contracts with Special Transportation Services (STS). We find it quite odd that this company, which makes it unbearable to use transportation for many elderly and disabled residents (many residing in unincorporated areas with only you to represent them), has contracts to run the quite expensive STS service.

Again, we humbly ask you to, in light of these facts, reconsider allowing this unaccountable contractor to further operate transit routes in our county, and vote NO on Item 8N20.

Thank you,

Kevin Amézaga
Executive Director

The Miami Riders Alliance is a grassroots 501(c)(4) membership organization that aims to improve public transportation and create safer streets for residents across Miami-Dade County, FL.
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