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Statement on Venitian Causeway Death of Flavia Carnicelli

We regret the delay in addressing an Issue of critical Importance to our organization. We have not yet released an official statement on until today.

The Miami Riders Alliance mourns yet another preventable death on the Venitian Causeway at the hands of a distracted driver who killed Flavia Carnicelli in broad daylight and received nothing but a disrespectfully low ~$180 fine. We hope that Ms. Carnicelli's death will encourage city leaders to end the inaction on safety measures for bicyclists and finally try to make our streets safer for all its users, not just motorists.

Bicycle safety Is an Issue paramount to the mission of the Miami Riders Alliance since Its formation. When we heard about the death of Flavia Carnicelli on the Venitian Causeway, we were not shocked; we were simply upset. We were upset that this bustling bicycle corridor, which has been concerning bicyclists for some time yet remains Ignored by both municipal and county leaders, has produced a completely avoidable death.

We encourage elected officials and others In local government to act In securing a brighter, safer, and more mobile future In Miami-Dade County.

Thank you,

The Miami Riders Alliance

The Miami Riders Alliance is a grassroots 501(c)(4) membership organization of riders, future riders, and community leaders advocating to improve public transportation and create safer streets for residents across Miami-Dade County, FL.


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