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Miami Riders Alliance Launches Mobile Miami Coalition to Build Scooter Operator Scorecard

Local transit advocacy nonprofit is working with City of Miami & scooter operators to report violations, address residents’ concerns, & improve essential scooter program

Miami, FL – To support the continued success of Miami’s scooter program, the Miami Riders Alliance, a local transportation advocacy group, launches the Mobile Miami Coalition and begins testing a reporting tool that will publicly score scooter operators—based on their compliance and performance—once the program relaunches on or around January 30th. 


The Miami Riders Alliance brought together scooter operators in an effort to self-regulate, address residents’ concerns, and ultimately improve the scooter program to create the Mobile Miami Coalition. The Coalition is growing and is open to all businesses and organizations that support better, more sustainable transportation options and safer streets.

SCORECARD & REPORTING TOOL [under construction]

This scorecard will publicly hold operators accountable for following the City’s rules and seeks to promote more responsible operations among some previously bad actors with this scoring system. Any member of the public or city staff can report a violation on the website, and the Miami Riders Alliance will work hand in hand with the City of Miami to audit scooter operators and their performance.

On December 28th 2020, Miami City Manager Art Noriega issued a temporary suspension of the scooter pilot program, with the goal of working alongside operators to improve the overall safety of scooter riders and residents and to address incidents of underage scooter riding. In the time since, all Miami Scooter operators have agreed to a 25% fleet reduction, and have been working with the City to establish a set of updated operating requirements that will reduce scooter clutter and underage riding, while supporting safety for all street users.

Miami’s Scooter pilot, in place since 2019, has been an important advancement for the city’s mobility and has generated more than $1M in revenue for the city, created over 100 jobs, and facilitated hundreds of thousands of scooter trips in the City of Miami. 

Kevin Amézaga, Executive Director of the Miami Riders Alliance said, 

“The Mobile Miami Coalition—the first local group of its kind in the nation—represents the future of transit and demonstrates Miami’s capacity to be innovative and tech-friendly when companies, local government, and the community partner to improve mobility for everyone. Scooter clutter and underage use are legitimate issues that, with the community’s help, good-faith operators are addressing with self-imposed regulation and reporting. We’re excited and hopeful for the future of mobility in Miami.”

The Miami Riders Alliance is a grassroots 501(c)(4) membership organization of riders, future riders, and community leaders advocating to improve public transportation and create safer streets for residents across Miami-Dade County, FL.


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