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It can be hard to pick the right candidate.

There's usually not enough information.
This election, we've got your back.
This summer, we're bringing you the Riders Alliance Candidate Report Card.




 Voted against (issue)

 Voted against (issue)

 Voted against (issue)

 Voted for (issue)

 Voted for (issue)

 Voted for (issue)

What is that?

Glad you asked.

The Riders Alliance Candidate report card will go beyond what you've seen in county politics. We're looking at each candidate's record on transit and transportation to help voters decide which candidate is best for them this election.

Does that mean you're endorsing someone for mayor?


The Riders Alliance won't be endorsing anyone for mayor. We believe that by outlining the candidate's records which they have created for themselves is the best way for residents to make up their minds. We'll let the candidates' past choices dictate their future prospects.

How about for commission?


When should we expect results?

Summer 2020.

Why should I care?

View counts.

Hundreds of Miamians visit every month to learn about advocacy work for transit in #ourcounty. We know. We have the analytics. That means the public (and the candidates) should care a whole lot.

How can we trust you'll be fair?

Google is free.

We won't be posting our opinion. Every item on the commissioner's name will be a link to the source we got the info from. If you want to learn more, you can click and decide for yourself. 

We will also include a mechanism for candidates and members of the community to add more sources that are relevant to the topic. To be clear, we will not be including general items like "job creation" on the report card.

Alright. I'm on board.


The Miami Riders Alliance is a local non-profit. We run on donations from supporters like you.

Consider becoming a member of the alliance here to support our organization.


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