Mobile Miami Coalition

In Partnership With
City of Miami
Miami-Dade County

Together through a partnership between Miami's seven scooter operators, the City of Miami, and Miami-Dade County, we are helping create a scooter program that's better for Miami's core residents.

Since December of 2020, the Coalition has coordinated the first coalition of its kind in the United States to help scooter operators self-regulate. We are responding to the needs of residents, business owners, property owners/managers, and more.

In the coming weeks, our organization will launch the Coalition's reporting tool, which will grade operators based on their compliance with the rules as reports from residents come in.

While we're working on a more streamlined reporting tool, we're using our direct line with the operators to help streamline who you have to talk to to get violations fixed. You can call/text us from 10 AM to 10 PM at (305)791-3935, DM us on Twitter or Instagram at @RidersMIA, or email us at [email protected]. We're happy to help verify if something is a violation so that we can get it fixed ASAP.

The best way for us to help you is by getting the unique scooter identifier on scooters you want to report; without an identifier on underage and unsafe riding reports, we cannot forward these to operators.

Some of the regulation's we've helped implement have been:

  • Underline Slow Zone
    • 10 MPH
    • Compliance Across Operators (Enforced by the Coalition)
  • Miami Avenue Bridge No Parking Zone
    • No parking along bridge span
    • Compliance Across Operators (Enforced by the Coalition)
  • Brickell Avenue Bridge No Parking Zone
    • No parking along bridge span
    • Compliance Across Operators (Enforced by the Coalition)
  • Biscayne Boulevard Slow Zone and Special Operating Zone
    • No parking in the park
    • Expanded corral parking on Biscayne Boulevard
    • Speed Limit of 10 MPH on Biscayne Boulevard
    • City Adopted as Rules in January 2021


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